Available tests in
Smart Optometry

Assesses the ability to distinguish between fine and finer increments of light versus dark.

Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail at near.

Test assesses macular cone and optic nerve function, furthermore it also screens for aquired or heredity colour vision defects.

Amsler grid asesses the integrity of visual field corresponding to the macular region of the retina. It is used to test symtoms of Macular Degeneration (MD).

Bracket test assesses the size of the retinal image on both eyes simultaneously.

Tests sudden and accurate accommodative changes under binocular conditions by reading short and simple words under special conditions.

It is used after binocular refraction at far and near and represents the endpoint procedure of the tested eye. Initially is used for presbyopes who need near correction.

Cobalt blue light provides a suitable means of exciting sodium fluorescein (orange dye) for examination of ocular surface integrity and RGP fitting.

Test determines the approximate positions of the visual axes of two eyes at near. This method is used to identify a strabismus if no other more precise procedure can be used.

Objectively tests a patient´s accommodative response at the near working distance. This method is valuable in the diagnosis of binocular anomalies or to predict suspected cases of vergence and/or accommodative dysfunction.

Optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) is a complex ocular motor reflex that allows people to adequately follow moving objects while keeping our head steady. OKN tests patient´s response on the provoked pursuit eye movements alternating with resetting saccades.

Test assesses the integrity of the optic nerve by testing the ocular sensitivity to the red colour. Test is used clinically for the detection of asymmetric optic nerve function and detection of neurophthalmological visual field defects such as hemianopias and quadrantopias.

Test assess the patient´s binocular coordination and measures the relative horizontal and vertical deviation of the eyes, one with respect to the other, when the fusion is broken.

Test assesses client’s flat fusion ability at distance and near. It can also be used in the differential diagnosis of unilateral decreased visual acuity.

Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail at near.

Maze tests a person´s visual function on the amblyopic eye.




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